CoBabble – what is it? Could it be for your business?

CoBabble – What is it?

CoBabble was created as a platform for it’s founders, Barry and Wayne, to deliver content to parents on the subjects of cybersafety, cyberbullying prevention, social engineering, online reputation and everything to do with the digital world children are growing up in today. They realised that the physical workshops they delivered were great, but there was a greater need to be in touch more regularly with parents in particular, to at least give them a chance to stay up to date with what’s happening in the world their children are spending a lot of time.  If you are reading this, you are probably here because your school or you as an individual see the value in being kept up to date on that device you keep in your hand/bag/pocket at all times. 

CoBabble is the secure platform that delivers predominantly video based content to your smartphone to keep you abreast of the fast paced changes in the digital world. But as they developed this, Barry and Wayne started to realise as more and more people asked them, that CoBabble wasn’t limited to just them delivering their messages on their subject matter. It could be used for anyone to deliver any content they wanted, to a specific audience. 

What could it be used for? 

Well. Do you have followers, subscribers, employees, new recruits, people off shore, a tribe, customers, or anyone that you would like to deliver specific content to? 

Do you have important content that they need to consume? The latest health and safety procedures for example, or the latest compliance changes, an onboarding procedure that needs to be adhered to, internal communications that need to be seen by all employees in a variety of different countries or locations, a video series of your product or service (personal training, yoga, baking, home hacks etc) that you want your client base and only your paying client base to access? 

Would you like to be able to segment your audience into sub groups and deliver specific content to only those that need to see it? 

Do you need your audience to not only consume the content, but also take a small test to show they have taken the information on board? Need to also generate a certificate to prove that’s the case? 

Then CoBabble is ideal for you and your business. 

How does it work? 

There are three different packages for businesses and they are based on how many people there are in your audience. 

For smaller businesses it can provide you with the platform to deliver your content to up to 100 users. 

The next package caters for an audience of up to 250 users.

And the Enterprise package caters to everything above 250 users and includes the ability to completely white label the platform and position it as an internally created solution to learning, development and communication. 

For more information on these packages head on over to the home page at  You could be making a difference to your audience using CoBabble as your safe, secure, cost effective communication platform. 


  1. Kieran Swail

    Very interesting concept here Wayne I see a number of opportunities for using CoBabble in Business and Education would like to meet up and discuss txs Kieran

    1. Co Babble

      Hi Kieran – thanks for dropping us a line. See you soon to discuss all things CoBabble, business and education.

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