CoBabble Onboarding

The importance of a smooth on-boarding process within businesses

When it comes to growing a team within a business or organisation, on-boarding is key. Many businesses don’t realise the importance of on-boarding till they start to scale up. In fact 22% of companies have no formal on-boarding process in place at all according to Harvard Business Review

Technology has to become a key tool within the onboarding process to help businesses large and small streamline this process. Without processes in place many businesses can find themselves wasting time and money.

What is On-boarding?

On-boarding is essentially the process of integrating new employees or new hires into a business. On-boarding is not just a one-off event or induction day, it actually should last much longer. At CoBabble we strongly believe when it comes to on-boarding, it’s essential to start before the employees first day and with new developments in technology there are now smart ways to do this.

Having an effective onboarding process in place allows new hires to get comfortable and familiar with the company or business before they step into the office.

Benefits of On-boarding

Companies of all sizes need to have an effective on-boarding process in place. On-boarding programs provide benefits to both the company and staff and the process is not necessarily limited to new hires.

  • On-boarding helps new hires with the information they need to do their jobs
  • On-boarding helps with staff retention
  • On-boarding helps monitor engagement and performance
  • On-boarding helps keep new hires informed and updated
  • On-boarding increases productivity

On-boarding needs to go beyond just printing out reams of paper or running a 1-day induction process with death by powerpoint. CoBabble uses smart technology to help you deliver your on-boarding process via our simple to use real-time cloud delivery system.

We believe on-boarding should be an ongoing process. Contact us today to find out more about CoBabble and how it can help your company when it comes to creating an effective on-boarding process. Drop us a line at [email protected]