Beat The Cyberbully & Wayne Denner powered by CoBabble

Creators and founders of CoBabble, Wayne Denner and Barry Lee Cummings started building the platform to satisfy a need they identified in their work as cybersafety experts.

Both of them, after delivering their parent safety workshops would receive a lot of praise.

‘ That session really opened my eyes.’ 

‘ I was completely unaware of just what my children might be doing online, as I’m really quite out of touch with their digital world.’

‘I hadn’t really considered how far ahead of me my children actually are when it comes to the digital space.’

And then there was always the same question. 

What do I do next?

The answer to that question is now CoBabble

After realising that they were opening pandora’s box a little (actually a lot). They had to do more to provide for their audience as the Google searches and existing content that was out there, was somewhat confusing to say the least. 

There were countless examples of parents telling them that a Google search would come up with a lot of results, but that results would often contradict each other. 

There was no trusted location they could go to and know that the information on the digital space, whether it was eSafety, cyberbullying prevention, social engineering, the latest apps to be worried about or overall online reputation would be up to date and relevant to their geographical location. Whether that was the UK & Ireland or the United Arab Emirates.

This often lead to confusion and then the worst thing that could happen – inaction – not knowing what to do, many parents did nothing.


CoBabble is the platform they designed to deliver up to date relevant information to the smart devices of parents that either can’t attend the physical workshops, or have attended and want to upgrade their awareness and continue their education. 

This is so important as the safety of children in the digital space is an ongoing pursuit of all parents, not just a one time thing. It’s the blessing and the curse of the pace at which technology moves.

It also provides schools with a way to empower parents to take control in the home environment – by having a subscription to CoBabble, the school can ensure that the latest developments in eSafety are delivered directly to their parents. Working together they can provide as safe an environment as possible to allow their children to use the incredible tool at their disposal.

Along the development journey, it became apparent that although CoBabble’s inception was to provide a solution in the eSafety space for parents, and eventually teachers and students. It also met the needs of small and large businesses to deliver important content to their audiences – but that’s a whole different story – which you can read more of here – CoBabble For Business

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